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The window for completing road construction in the northern states is narrow. There are only so many optimal days to get work done, so when road work season rolls around, your road construction equipment must be available, tuned up, and ready to work on your projects. If it isn’t ready or breaks down on the job, your work grinds to an expensive halt. Missed deadlines, possible penalties and lots of stress accompany these events.

Reliable and properly functioning equipment is an RMS specialty. We are a road construction solutions provider dedicated to keeping your equipment in tip-top shape, maximizing its uptime and usability well beyond the initial purchase. And because we service all manufacturers’ equipment, we are your one-stop provider regardless of where you purchase your equipment.

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When there's no time to lose, call RMS - Road Machinery & Supplies Co.

When there’s no time to lose, call RMS

Your best insurance against untimely equipment failures is keeping each piece of machinery properly maintained and having a reliable go-to provider for emergency repairs, service and rental equipment. RMS sells new and used road construction equipment, offers short and long-term rentals and provides scheduled and on-call service and maintenance on your equipment whether you bought it from us or elsewhere.

RMS can keep your equipment up and running well after its initial purchase and provide crucial support when something breaks. So, when the unexpected happens, let us get you back at full strength fast.

Road construction equipment types

Road construction equipment covers a wide range of applications from excavation and compaction to pouring cubs and final pavement. This work requires asphalt pavers, concrete pavers, planners, compactors, rollers, and brooms. Let’s take a quick look at each equipment type.


Concrete Pavers

Paving projects that require a strong and smooth surface, such has highways and high-traffic roadways, and need to hold up against lots of use for a long period of time use concrete. These projects require equipment designed specifically designed for concrete paving, such as curb and gutter machines, slipform pavers, placers/spreaders, trimmer/placers, cylinder finishers and more.

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Asphalt Pavers - Road Machinery & Supplies Co.

Asphalt pavers

Asphalt paving is the choice for projects that have a shorter timeframe and a tighter budget. Typically, asphalt projects are known for their quick turnaround time as roadways can open sooner with an asphalt surface. Asphalt pavers come in tracked, wheeled, or towed options, and compact the material as they pave. The addition of a screed to an asphalt paving machine allows the operator to distribute material in a uniform manner and controlled angle of attack.

Compaction machines

Every driver wants their roads to be smooth. Achieving that begins and ends with compaction. Before the roadway is paved, large tandem and single-drum rollers and soil compactors traverse the dirt surface to ensure a compact and smooth base for paving. After the road surface is applied, tandem and smooth surface pneumatic rollers perform final compaction and further smooth the roadway to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

Compaction Machines - Road Machinery & Supplies Co.

Milling machines

As roads age, they heave, crack, and become uneven. The first step in fixing them is to create a uniform base. Milling machines – typically referred to as cold milling machines or cold planers – remove the top layer of the surface by grinding it away. This provides a solid and uniform foundation to pave on top of.

Milling Machines - Road Machinery & Supplies Co.

Soil stabilizers

Before compaction and grading can begin, some locations require the soil to be enhanced. Soil stabilizers mix the existing dirt with bonding agents to enhance the surface so it meets the project’s engineering standards, most importantly load bearing capacity. This is vital to the longevity of the road being built.

Soil Stabilizers - Road Machinery & Supplies Co.


To create a long-lasting surface, there needs to be a clean and compact surface for the pavement to lay on top of. Milling remnants and other debris can create imperfections in a surface, leading to failures in the surface. A boom or sweeper is designed to clear any debris from the unfinished roadway prior to paving to ensure a lasting bond between surface and pavement.

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If you need it, RMS has it

RMS carries all the road construction equipment types these projects require. We have new and used equipment for purchase or rental through RMS Rentals. If you need it, we’ve got you covered.

Road construction equipment solutions and maintenance

The most common complaint heavy equipment users have is the issue of equipment downtime and the difficulty getting the service necessary to prevent it.

You might think getting service from the equipment dealer or manufacturer isn’t a problem. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, as equipment providers often don’t or can’t offer adequate post-purchase support.

The long lead time with replacement parts is aggravating the service issue. Supply chain and other problems are pushing lead times on replacement parts from days to weeks, or even months in extreme cases. At RMS, we’re dedicated to providing the support necessary to keep your fleet running at optimal productivity.

Talk to us about your road construction equipment needs

When you work with RMS and RMS Rentals, you add a member to your team who is just as dedicated to your success as you are. We have the skills and resources to keep your equipment operating at full capacity for years after purchase, helping you maximize the ROI on your road construction equipment investments.

Talk to us today and see how our comprehensive, full-service solutions are a good fit for your company.

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“RMS is a dealer of choice for quality brands, because we have an excellent customer following and a proven commitment to product support. We invest heavily in technician training, back our service capability with outstanding parts availability, and work harder to maximize customer productivity. We are a one stop shop for almost all of your equipment needs. All of us at RMS look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.”

Mike Sill II, CEO

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