intelligent Machine Control and Support for Smart Construction.

On the job, time is everything. That’s why we’re committed to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions designed to help your business operate efficiently and effectively. Smart Construction means taking full advantage of digital technologies and techniques to reduce costs and improve productivity. We’ll partner with your business to help you leverage Smart Construction.

Here’s a look at the solutions we offer:

Komatsu intelligent Machine Control

Since 2013, Komatsu has been the industry leader in integrated, automated products that rely on GPS/GNSS satellite signals for unparalleled productivity and cost control. With everyday time-savings and enhanced precision, this technology is proven in the field.

Technology Solutions Experts (TSEs)

Komatsu and RMS support iMC machines with a comprehensive network of highly trained Technology Solutions Experts. These specialists are responsible for initial calibration of each machine, as well as ongoing support. Technology Solutions Experts can help you understand the technology and learn how you can incorporate it into your fleet for improved productivity and reduced costs.

Topcon Bases and Rovers

Topcon GNSS solutions are designed to facilitate uninterrupted productivity, 24/7. With a Topcon GNSS base and rover, you can lay out, calculate, and keep your machines running without waiting for stakes or surveyors.

3D Modeling

RMS offers a 3D Modeling service that transforms your 2D plans into a 3D site model that provides insight for contractors, engineers, and land surveyors involved in your project.

Drone Packages and Services

RMS offers drone survey packages that are scalable for jobs of all sizes and scopes, with competitive pricing and reliable surface. Our licensed drone pilots will fly the drone and generate data, allowing you to make informed decisions for your job. We also offer Propeller drones and AeroPoints (the world’s first GPS-enabled smart group control points) for purchase.

Civil Contracting: Estimate with confidence, report on progress, and resolve disputes quickly. See exactly when, where and how much material has been moved.

Waste Management: Calculate cell volumes and create airspace models in seconds. Get frequent, up-to-date topos without the need for on-site surveyors.

Aggregates: Measure stockpiles and generate accurate cut-and-fill maps easily, without relying on survey crews.

Mining: Plan and monitor blasts, and generate orthomosaic models. Produce quick 3D terrain maps and digital elevation models. Get accurate data for reporting.

GPS Training

RMS offers Smart Construction training led by our Technology Solutions Experts. This detailed eight-hour Komatsu iMC and Topcon base and rover training course is tailored to your needs and covers everything from daily set-up to basic operation and troubleshooting. Contact your TSE to learn more about the curriculum and pricing.

KOMTRAX™ Wireless Monitoring System

Monitor your Komatsu equipment any time, from anywhere with the KOMTRAX Wireless Monitoring System. When the system is activated on a machine, data is collected and transmitted on a regular basis and is accessible on the Komtrax website. This information is designed to facilitate proactive and preventive maintenance, peak machine performance, and cost savings.

Guardian Roadtec Telematics System

The Guardian system allows service technicians and owners to protect their investment and keep operating costs low by monitoring a selected machine in real time through a wireless signal, and address any issues that may arise while the machine works. It also allows Roadtec customer service personnel to remotely view the machine in real time and be there for the customer anytime, anywhere. The engine, hydraulic system, electrical system, and grade control can all be monitored in detail. The machine can also be located by GPS using the Guardian system.

Komatsu Autonomous Haulage System

Elevate your decision making and optimize your surface mining operation with a Komatsu Frontrunner Autonomous Haulage System. Mine-wide optimization and safety is your priority, and to help you continue to meet your bottom line while achieving zero-harm, our focus has been developing and improving autonomous mining solutions for nearly three decades. Komatsu’s FrontRunner Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) plays an increasingly critical role in effective mine management, creating safer work environments, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs so you can achieve greater gains with less risk.

Smart Technologies From BOMAG

BOMAG’S intelligent assistance systems were developed to support machine operators as much as site managers and contractors. Networking the machine fleet with TELEMATIC means that you always have control over fuel consumption and operating hours. A further advantage: You always know where your machine is. The ECONOMIZER enables you to monitor the degree of compaction at all times. This allows you to achieve optimal compaction results and avoid over-compaction. By using BOMAP, you can document the work results on the construction site in real time and get a transparent overview of compaction performance. Smart technologies from BOMAG make it easy for you to optimise your construction site operations.

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“RMS is a dealer of choice for quality brands, because we have an excellent customer following and a proven commitment to product support. We invest heavily in technician training, back our service capability with outstanding parts availability, and work harder to maximize customer productivity. We are a one stop shop for almost all of your equipment needs. All of us at RMS look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.”

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