Komatsu/RMS Snow Loader Program

Snow removal season is coming. Is your fleet ready? Right now, Road Machinery & Supplies Co., is offering a lease program featuring Komatsu WA200, WA270 and WA320 wheel loaders as low as $2,550 per month to help you gear up for snow removal season.

ModelTerm6 payments/year12 payments/year
WA200-830 months (3 seasons)$4,250$2,550
WA200-842 months (4 seasons)$2,950$2,330
WA270-830 months (3 seasons)$4,900$2,950
WA270-842 months (4 seasons)$4,900$2,950
WA320-830 months (3 seasons)$5,450$3,300
WA320-842 months (4 seasons)$4,800$2,750
Joe Schmidtlein - Road Machinery & Supplies Co.

Contact Vice President of Sales Joe Schmidtlein ( OR 515-471-3262) to lock in this offer today!

* Lease based on 350 Hours/year average annual usage.

* Can have 6 on/6 off or 12 payments per year. 6 on is for Nov.-April each season.

* 2023 Model or 2024 Model both eligible.

* Lease assumes one (1) advance lease payment. Security deposit may be required.

* Payments & buyouts listed above do not include applicable sales tax.

* These lease quotes are good for 20 days from the date of this worksheet.

* Lease terms are subject to change and credit approval.

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