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Today, new machine announcements focus on software and program upgrades as much as horsepower and fuel economy as manufacturers find new ways to incorporate technology. On top of that, devices that typically existed outside of the industry have been reimaged and engineered to focus on construction. As equipment evolves and software improves, so must you.

Staying up to date with emerging technology requires a dedication to research. Mastering technology in order to put it in to application takes hours of practice. Without a dedicated Research & Development department, the task is impossible. So, what should you do? The answer is simple: Turn to the experts. Most distributors and manufacturers offer training and access to other services designed to help you utilize the technology to its maximum potential.

Up-To-Date Training

When taking delivery of a new machine, ask if you can schedule a training session for your crew, especially if the machine comes with new technology. Most times, the distributor has a representative that has been trained by the manufacturer on how to use the technology. Seamlessly integrating the technology into your fleet will allow you to achieve better efficiency, which is why you purchased the machine in the first place. Also inquire about additional training in the future to help keep your operators on top of the latest advancements. Helping customers get the most out of their technology should be the top priority of any equipment dealer.


Get the Right Help

While new technology is great, some of it requires specialized support in order function. For example, GPS grading equipment can require CAD files or 3D blueprints. Most contractors don’t have a dedicated person on staff with the training to build these files. Reaching out to a distributor to either build these files or recommend a company that does, can save you time and money in the long run.


Filling a Void

You turn to your distributor when you need to rent a machine, why not do the same when you need to rent a service? Surveying and jobsite monitoring have been revolutionized by the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – or drones. Yet, buying the equipment and software; training an employee; and maintaining licensing and insurance can be tedious and costly. Some distributors are set up to provide drone services already or have relationships with companies that offer the service. This is a low-risk way to determine if incorporating drones into your operation is worth the investment..


Be Proactive

Machines and computers cannot talk… yet. What they can do, however, is send alerts through telematic systems. These alerts can be set to remind you of intervals, deliver idle time reports, or send you a code when something is wrong. These alerts can help you operate efficiently or diagnose an issue before it becomes a catastrophic problem. While most telematic systems allow owners to access the system, distributors and manufacturers can also use the system serve as a second set of eyes to monitor the health and performance of your equipment.


Choose Wisely

You have options when it comes to purchasing equipment. Performance in the field is a top priority, but picking a distributor that is going to help you access the full potential of the technology available is paramount. Finding ways to incorporate all that the industry has to offer is going to keep your company competitive. Having a distributor that can help you access the latest technology and incorporate it into your operation is an easy way to accomplish that.


About RMS:
Road Machinery & Supplies Co. (RMS) is a distributor of construction and mining equipment with sales and support operations throughout the Upper Midwest. RMS is a multiline dealer, representing the best brands of construction equipment in the industry, including Komatsu, KPI-JCI, Epiroc, Sennebogen, Gomaco, LeeBoy, Roadtec, and Bomag.

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“RMS is a dealer of choice for quality brands, because we have an excellent customer following and a proven commitment to product support. We invest heavily in technician training, back our service capability with outstanding parts availability, and work harder to maximize customer productivity. We are a one stop shop for almost all of your equipment needs. All of us at RMS look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.”

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