ASTEC GT205S is the right fit for InRoads Paving quarry

Walking, hiking and other recreational trails are common projects for most paving companies. However, every so often an opportunity comes along that stands out. That’s exactly how Baker Enterprises Inc. ended up constructing Nathan’s Mile, a 2-mile trail around a cornfield in Vinton, Iowa.

LeeBoy 8616D asphalt paver excels in cold weather for MR Paving & Excavating

MR Paving & Excavating knew their recent project in New Ulm, Minn. was going to occur in cold weather conditions. Fortunately, his new LeeBoy 8616D asphalt paver was designed to excel in those conditions. With heated gates and a solid screed, the 8616D was still able to provide a great mat.

Wendling Quarries Inc. fuels growth through relationships and valuing employees

In a commodity-based industry, all companies work to provide customers with quality materials at a low price. What makes a company stand out in the industry, however, is identifying areas that can provide added value for their customers and mastering them. That’s what has made Wendling Quarries Inc. a leader in the industry.